How It Works


Step 1 :

You Contact Us.


Step 2 :

Our specially trained property consultants will call you within 24 hours.


step 3 :

During the call, we will gather the information needed and provide you with a guaranteed cash offer


step 4 :

If you decide you want to sell your home quickly to us, we will arrange a visit to sign our sale agreement.


Step 5 :

We will pay for all the solicitors legal costs.


step 6 :

Your house sale will complete within 7 – 28 days or longer if you wish!


step 7 :

We pay off your outstanding mortgage and any fees you have incurred with your lender. The remainder of the proceeds from the house sale will be deposited into your bank account as instructed by you. If you have asked us to pay off any of your unsecured loans we will do that at the same time.


The national statistics prove that 1 in 3 sales fall through when using estate agents

The average time to sell your home through an estate agent is currently 6 months

Then you will have to sign a fee agreement with the agent which could be as much as 3% + Vat and this prevents you selling through anyone else for 3 months!

The agents will ask you to fix and tidy up the house to make it presentable which will be an on-going task until the house is sold

You will experience endless streams of potential homebuyers walking through your personal space with no certainty of them ever making you an offer

No privacy as you will have a large “For Sale” board on your lawn

Lastly, Estate Agents will not guarantee you a sale!

Our Sales Process

Asking price: £100,000
Agreed Price (80%): £80,000
Agent Fees: £0
Legal fees: £0
Council tax & Bills (6 months): £0
Privacy: Very Private (No sale board)

Estate Agents Sale

Asking price: £100,000
Initial agreed price (92%): £92,000
Post survey reduction (5%): £4,600
Agent Fees: £3,000
Legal fees: £1,000
6 month mortgage interest: £3,600
Council tax & Bills (6 months): £1,800

Total Return After Costs: £80,000

Average sale time: 7 – 28 days
Privacy: Very private (no viewings)
Stress factor: Zero
Guarantee: 100% Sale Guaranteed 

Total Return After Costs: £78,300

Average sale time: 4-6 months
Privacy: No privacy
Stress factor: High
Guarantee: None

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