Which Areas Do You Buy In?

We buy throughout United Kingdom.

Are There Any Guarantees?

Yes, below are some of the guarantees we offer
Once we make an offer and the survey returns back in order we will not back out.
We guarantee to make an offer on every property we see.
To be professional at all times.
To pay your legal fees.

Will You Consider Any Property In Any Condition?

Yes, regardless what condition it is in we will make an offer!

What Are Your Fees?

There are no fees when selling through our company. We take care of all costs involved.

Can You Help If I Am Being Repossessed?

YES. Contact us now by completing our free valuation form and we will call you back immediatly.

Can I Ask You for Advice?

What If My Property Is Already With Estate Agents?

Is Your Service Confidential?

Of course! We respect all our client’s privacy and make sure that know one knows about your sale other those you decide to tell about it, also remember we do not put ‘FOR SALE’ boards on your property.

How Quickly Will I Get My Cash?

Depending on the legal process and searches, the purchase of your property can take anything between 7 – 28 days to coplete. We will send your money to you or your solicitor on completion by electronic transfer or cheque, which ever you prefer.

Who Buys My Property?

We have a large cash fund available at all times to buy properties qiuckly. We also act on behalf of large numbers of professional property buyers and investors with finance in place to act quickly.

What Is The Most You Will Pay For My Property?

We offer nything up to 80% of the true market value of your property.

What Is The Difference Between The Market Value And An Estate Agents Valuation?

Market value is the TRUE value of your property based on facts and figues we’ll obtain from our sources including the Land Registry and other specialist resources available to us. It is the value similar properties in your area have actually sold for instead of what the estate agents advertise them for.
An estate agent value is normally 5% to 10% higher and is designed to get your property on their books! You’ll normally find they ask you to drop the price weeks or months into the sales process because the property is not selling in this poor market.

I Know A Friend Who May Be Interested In Your Service. Is It Worth Me Telling Them?

Yes. We pay £500 cash reward for just providing us with a name and number, so if we buy the property you will recieve the money after completion. Besides that, we will be helping your friend(s) with a quick sale.

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